Art Deco 18kt Gold Platinum Diamond Sapphire watch - For Sale

Art Deco 18kt Gold Platinum Diamond Sapphire watch
Price: $475.00
For your fashion needs,I am very pleased to offer this wonderful working watch.When I wind the watch it runs.Other than that I do not guarantee how well it keeps time.But when I have worn it it works great.Most old estate watches are usually in need of a cleaning or tune up...We sell the watch cases... This has all the wonderful workmanship that went into making these beautiful time pieces. The watch is in perfect condition. It is accented with diamonds and sapphires. It has a nice large dial. Usually old vintage watches have tiny dials, but this one has a nice large dial,I can actually see it...and that is saying something. The watch is 18kt white gold and platinum trim. Watch is 15 jewels and made by C.Nicolet company. Thank you for your interest in our items. We welcome offers on all store items Enjoy and please feel free to make an offer on all our store items

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