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Antique genuine Poniatowski intaglio carved carnelian in a new gold pendant mount. Made circa 1820's in Europe. Carnelian is approx 1 1/8inches accross. Including the mount, measures approx 1 7/8 inches accross. Weighs 14 grams. Outstanding carved scene of mythological figures in battle. A warrior is about to stab his opponent with his spear. The latter holds a young beauty on his opposing hip. Both warriors are naked, as is the woman, except that a flying robe is held in one of her hands and the warrior on the left wears both a heavy helmet with huge plumage and decoration as well as a large oval shield. Details are quite phenomenal. Signed in Greek letters near the bottom. Prince Poniatowski (1754-1833), the nephew of the last king of Poland, amassed one of the greatest collections of all time. In particular his gem collection gained huge fame, especially the intaglios of ancient Greek and Roman mythological subjects, literary and historical figures. At his death, approximately 2600 intaglios were discovered to be in his possession and later, a huge controversy arose as to whether they were actually Classic or made by master European carvers of the day. It is generally believed that the latter holds true, but the quality of the carving is so superb that these items , (now 200 years old themselves), are highly sought after and held in the world's most famous museums such as the Victoria and Albert in London and in Oxford. I received this email: Dear Ms Ginsberg, I have been collecting pictures of Poniatowski gems for my database in the Beazly Archive (Oxford University) for several years, and I wonder if you would give me permission to add your ebay pictures to my record. The subject of the gem is: MARS KILLING HALIRRHOTIUS WHILE CARRYING OFF ALCIPPE, the signature is Apollonides. In my database (http://www.beazley./poniatowski/) it is the reference number T239 - after Captain Tyrrell, who bought it in the Poniatowski sale in 1839 and published it as no. 239 in his catalogue. I am curious where you found it. Was it already in the States? After Tyrrell I have no collection history for this gem. Best wishes, Claudia Wagner ()

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