Antique 18k Diamond Sculptured Winged Pendant Watch - For Sale

Antique 18k Diamond Sculptured Winged Pendant Watch
Price: $1000.00
Rare and beautiful 18k gold and diamond high relief sculptured floral and mythological flying figure lady's pendant watch. The watch has a platinum set diamond in the center measuring 15 points. The watch is in excellent condition, runs good and keeps excellent time. The maker of this watch won a gold medal. The watch case has a serial number 855691 along with a portrait head stamp on the inside of the back dust cover. This watch has a lever set movement. There is a little lever that you pull towards you with your nail, once the lever is pulled you are able to set the time by turning the crown. Once the time has been set you push the lever back in and wind it as you would any other watch. Make sure lever is pushed back in after you have set the time, before you wind the watch. From the top ring to the bottom of the watch it measures 42mm, width 30mm. Weight 21.1 grams. The winged high relief sculptured creature looks like it has a dog or lion head, and may be a stylized Griffin or bat. Whatever it is it sure is a beautiful and very rare watch. Guaranteed to please as are all our items. (Item #71846)

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