Late medieval early renaissance gold brooch ref.11265-0007 - For Sale

Late medieval early renaissance gold brooch ref.11265-0007
Price: $8100.00
This brooch was offered to us in the shop in the same condition we offer it here too. Made somewhere between 1300 and 1400 (always hard to pin-point exactly). We decided to leave it the same condition as we think that any repair on this jewel won't do it justice.
What do we see? Born as a cross, with a center stone that is either ruby or spinel and three remaining settings, most likely for the same type of stone as the center stone. Three remaining as it is obvious that there was a fourth setting. The little pins sticking out of the center, where most likely meant to keep pearls in its place. We can still see the rubbed ends of the pins, showing a sort of riveting technique. We also think the brooch has been in the ground for a long time, long enough to have the pearls solved.

It still has its original stick pin and closure. Just imagine when people ask you "What strange thing are you wearing?" and you can say that it's a piece that is some 800 years old! A piece with a true charisma!


Era/Period: Middle Ages, circa 1350

Country of origin: Western Europe

Material: higher carat gold

Precious stones: the red stone can be either ruby or spinel

Dimensions: 2.05 cm (0.81 inch)

Weight: 4.00 gram


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