Obsidian Bead Necklace - FJ.2957 - For Sale

Obsidian Bead Necklace - FJ.2957
Price: $180.00
Obsidian is a hard, glassy volcanic rock, usually black in color. Since the dawn of time, obsidian has been prized for its ability to be shaped into a sharp cutting edge. Early knives and daggers made from this stone have been found in tombs dating to the Neolithic period. The presence of obsidian was commonly used for razors and sacrificial knives, as well as for amulets. The stone is believed to beneficially influence the stomach and intestines. It is felt to connect the mind and the emotions, to ground spiritual energy to the physical plane. Because of its dense black color, it is believed to absorb and disperse negativity, to reduce stress and calm the mind. Obsidian grants the wearer a detached perspective on life, but one which is both loving and wise. For those attuned to its energy, this lovely gem can be a powerful healer. - (FJ.2957)Medium: obsidian

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Barakat Gallery
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