Smoky Quartz/Topaz Necklace - FJ.2265 - For Sale

Smoky Quartz/Topaz Necklace - FJ.2265
Price: $2400.00
The ancients believed that a mysterious island called Topazios—guarded by serpents or dragons—was the source of all—was the source of all topaz gems. The word topazios means to “seek”, for thee island was said to be difficult to find, and the gem itself was thus regarded as very rare in Antiquity. Another possible origin for the name of this brilliant gem is the Sanskrit word tapas meaning fire. One of the most prized shades of this complex mineral— composed of fluorine, aluminum, oxygen and silicon—is a rich, fiery yellow- orange, which would support the later theory perfectly. Other hues of topaz range from deep sale brown to green, pink, yellow and bright blue. It is found in crystal from throughout much of the world, with major sources in Brazil, Germany and Africa. In Exodus (28:17), topaz is mentioned as the second stone in the first row of the breastplate of the High Priest; while St. John lists it among the foundation stones of New Jerusalem (Rev 21:20). Since ancient times the gem has been thought to bestow beauty, long life and intelligence upon the wearer and much is prized as an amulet. It is symbolic also of friendship and faithful love.Medium: Quartz/Topaz

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