Rare Prophet Muhammad (SAW) name in Turquoise Ring - For Sale

Rare Prophet Muhammad (SAW) name in Turquoise Ring
Price: $1000000.00
A very rare and clear inscription of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in a natural, unpolished, untreated Turquoise Gemstone
The inscription are the arabic letters to read MUHAMMAD (SAW). Turquoise, Feruz is a stone favored by many Muslims, and native people around the world have used it for centuries. People have used it for protection, healing, good luck, and longevity. Turquoise with its supreme value in Islam...and with the inscriptions of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) makes it a priceless possession. One of the most precious turquoise rings in the world.
The "writing" on the stone is of Turquoise Color in a dark bluish green background
Gemstones with MUHAMMAD (SAW) are extremely rare.
This is completely naturally written and has not been dyed or any other lab process. The turquoise stone is unpolished and in its natural state.

Price is negotiable.Interested people can mail to raremuhammadring@gmail.com

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Mohamed Farooq
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Email : raremuhammadring@gmail.com
Phone : 00919790129529
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