Gold Ring Featuring a Turquoise Stone - FJ.7126 - For Sale

Gold Ring Featuring a Turquoise Stone - FJ.7126
Price: $4600.00
This genuine gem stone has been set in a modern 18 karat gold ring. The word turquoise literally means, “Turkish stone,” reflecting the trade route that first exposed this light blue stone to the Europeans. Ancient Arabians called turqoiuse “fayruz,” meaning, “lucky stone.” In fact, turquoise is considered a “lucky” stone by an astonishing array of cultures, including the Southwestern American Indians, Arabic and Turkish cultures, and Indian Hindus. The Indians of the American Southwest highly prized turquoise, even using the stone as units of exchange. They ground it into powder for use in sand paintings and native magical ceremonies. Furthermore, turquoise is heralded for its protective powers, believed to thwart the evil forces of black magic. If a piece of turquoise is placed on the saddle or bridal, as well as one held on the rider, turquoise is said to protect equestrians and their horses. A rare, pure blue color is treasured, for most pieces contain turquoise matrix, which may be brown, dark gray, or black. Many legends also exist concerning the bluish hue. Muslims believe that if the color changes, it signals a straying woman. This echoes the notion that if turquoise is given as a gift of love and the color fades, it means the love is also fading. Many Europeans also believed that as one grows older, the stone loses it color; yet if the stone is passed onto a younger individual, the turquoise will regain its characteristic color. Turquoise is recognized by several diverse cultures not only for its inherent beauty, but also for its beneficial powers, able to bring good fortune and protection to those lucky enough to wear it. - (FJ.7126)Origin: Arizona, USA Collection: Jewelry Style: Gem Stone Rings Medium: Turquoise and Gold

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