JOHN BAILEY, NY, American Revolutionary War Sword Maker, cutler for George Washington , Family papers. #PP66 - For Sale

JOHN BAILEY, NY, American Revolutionary War Sword Maker, cutler for George Washington , Family papers. #PP66
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Historically important documents from the Bailey Family pertaining to John Bailey, the famous Revolutionary War sword maker, George Washington’s sword and the Bailey Family.
John Bailey is probably the most important American revolutionary War silversmith / sword cutler. He worked throughout the Revolution and manufactured hundreds of fine swords of very fine quality. Many famous Revolutionary War heroes carried a silver-hilted sword made by John Bailey including General Israel Putnam, General Henry Dearborn and Captain Henry O’Hara. John Bailey is most well known for making General George Washington’s great battle sword which he carried throughout the Revolution.
These very important documents descended in the Bailey Family and were written by descendants of John Bailey during the late 19th century.
They include:
1. A letter written on “W. Bailey Lang & Co.” stationary (dated 1875 & crossed off). By Caroline M. Bailey, “A piece of the wedding dress of Mrs. Stanton who was the mother of Ann Bailey, the wife of the sword maker. Mrs. Stanton’s husband was captain of one of the King’s packets that sailed from Lisbon to Falmouth, He was lost at sea…”
2. An actual piece of the wedding dress!
3. A fantastic 3+ page letter written by John Bailey’s great, great granddaughter, discussing in detail General Washington’s famous sword made by Bailey. It also discusses Washington and Bailey in the French and Indian Wars and in the Revolution. “I have been told by those “who ought to know” that at one time Washington and J. Bailey were quite intimate friends and also by my aunt Caroline W. Bailey that her grandmother, Maria Lang (maiden name Bailey) used to tell her that she could remember seeing Washing come into her father’s (John Bailey’s) shop and on some occasions taking her on his knee…”
4. And: several notes made by Bailey’s great, great, great, great granddaughter (signed “M.B.D.”) in 1890.
These Bailey Family documents are all in excellent condition without any restorations. Please note that they are all kept in archival plastic pages and there is some glare in the photos.
A very important and historically significant package. These PRICELESS documents are truly worthy of the Smithsonian Institution’s Collection!
These documents were once part of the Stuart Goldman collection. Stuart lived in Beverly and Canton, Massachusetts and was an avid collector of American Revolutionary War items and important American documents. Stuart was a researcher, a published writer and a member of the Company of Military Historians. His collection contained some of the earliest colonial American documents signed by native Americans, French and Indian Wars documents, American Revolution documents and early presidential signed documents. Stuart also collected early muskets and silver-hilted swords from America’s colonial period. The Bailey Family papers were purchased privately from him several years ago before his untimely death.

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