The Session Clock Co. Clock and Lamp - Forestville Conn - For Sale

The Session Clock Co. Clock and Lamp - Forestville Conn
Price: $199.00
The Session Clock Co. - Forestville, Co U.S A. - Mod Ac110v 25 watts - 29" tall - At the bottom of the face - Clock Movement by Sessions - The back has been opened for pictures on the silver dial in the back is the casing hold the motor - the motor is there but it has burned out and the wiring has been rerouted so that the clock will not receive any electricity - The lamp does work the shade is slightly dingy with plastic gold tassels. The lamp and clock has all of the parts. The wood has lots of scratches but no breaks or deep gashes. The metal parts of the lamp are tarnished and the iron has a rusty coating. The wood case and the metal parts of the lamp appear to be original parts. The bottom has an old piece of felt.

In 1902, William E. Sessions, who ran the Sessions Foundry Company in Bristol, Connecticut, and his nephew A.L. Sessions bought the controlling interest of the fledgling clockmaker E.N. Welch Company, which was about to shut its doors. By early 1903, E.N. Welch had become the Sessions Clock Company, and the production of all clock parts—movements, dials, artwork and castings, and cases—continued in nearby Forestville.

The peak period of production for the Sessions Clock Company was from 1903 to 1930.

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