Pierre-Paul Prud’hon “Petite Boy & Dog” Original Lithograph - For Sale

Pierre-Paul Prud’hon “Petite Boy & Dog” Original Lithograph
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Pierre-Paul Prud’hon (April 4, 1758, Cluny, Saône-et-Loire – February 16, 1823) was a French Romantic painter etcher, lithographer and draughtsman best known for his allegorical paintings and portraits.

Pierre-Paul Prud’hon received his training in the French provinces and went to Italy when he was twenty-six years old to continue his education. On his return to Paris, he decorated some private mansions and his work for wealthy Parisians led him to be held in high esteem at Napoleon’s court.

Prud’hon was at times clearly influenced by Neo-classicism, at other times by Romanticism. Appreciated by other artists and writers like Stendhal, Delacroix, Millet and Baudelaire for his chiaroscuro and convincing realism, he is probably most famous for his Crucifixion (1822), which he painted for St. Etienne’s Cathedral in Metz. Crucifixion now hangs in the Louvre.

Pierre-Paul Prud’hon “Une Lecture” Original Lithograph was published in Gazette des Beaux Arts, Paris in 1870 and printed by Bertauts. The work is on fine wove paper and measures 6 by 7 inches. This is in good condition.

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