Rookwood Pottery Floral Vase, Peony, Louise Abel 1926 - For Sale

Rookwood Pottery Floral Vase, Peony, Louise Abel 1926
Price: $675.00
For Auction I have a very beautiful Vase made by the Rookwood Pottery Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. The piece is a Low Deco Shaped Flaring Vase and it is hand Painted by the very desirable Rookwood Artist, Louise Abel. The Vase stands 2 13/16" tall and is 6 5/8" in diameter. The Base Glaze is a very soft Mustard Yellow on the outside and a Mottled Mustard for the background on the inside.

The Floral Painting inside reminds me of a Monet Water Color as it is that beautiful. The Burgundy Peony in full Bloom on the bottom rest amongst beautifully detailed Mottled Blue Green Leaves with even more Peonies resting between the leaves. The colors and detail are just outstanding!!

The Vase is considered to in excellent condition as there are no issues to report. The piece is signed with the Rookwood Reverse RP and Sunburst Logo along with the mold number 2256D impressed in the bottom as well as the Roman Numerals XXVI for the year of Manufacture 1926. Those of you who collect Louise Abel's pieces will definitely not be disappointed.

I will add some more information for those of you wanting to learn more about the markings on the bottom of this Vase.

Shape numbers, and size letters were impressed below the Roman numeral date marking on Rookwood Pottery pieces. The shape number refers to the outline, or shape of the item. A letter or twin letters frequently followed the shape number. The single or twin letters were used to indicate the size of the shape. Size lettering ranged from A to F, with A being the largest size of the shape, and F the smallest. Twin letters indicated a size of the shape that fell between two other sizes. Not all items were marked with a size letter, indicating only one size for the shape was made. Thus, the letter D following the Mold or Shape number above mean't it wasn't the largest or the smallest. It would have been considered a median size or in the Middle.

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