Roseville Pottery, Jonquil, Double Handled Vase, Nice - For Sale

Roseville Pottery, Jonquil, Double Handled Vase, Nice
Price: $375.00
For sale I have a beautiful Vase made by Roseville Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio. The Pattern name is know as "Jonquil" and it is a highly sought after pattern. The Vase is a good size as it stands 6 3/16" Tall and is 5 3/4" in diameter outside Handles measurement.

The Vase depicts two bunches per side of three Jonquil Daffodils with yellow centers on a spherical shape. Each of them are embossed above tall green leaves on a mottled light Brown organic like background. There is darker brown shading around the flowers, rims and handles. There are two free flowing handles attached just under the rim forming what looks like ears for handles. This is truly a beautiful pattern produced by Roseville.

The piece is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no issues to report. The piece is unsigned as is the case with this pattern as most of them carried paper labels at one time. You can still see a number 5 written in a Red Grease Pencil. This is a remnant of the Shape number. This Vase is known as shape number 540-6" in the Roseville Pottery Catalog pages. Guaranteed to be original and in excellent shape free of nicks, chips, and hairlines.

This vase was made, Circa 1931.

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