IVORY AND EBONY CRUCIFIX Dieppe, 18th Century,France - For Sale

IVORY AND EBONY CRUCIFIX Dieppe, 18th Century,France
Price: $12000.00
Crucifix Corpus of JESUS CHRIST and shrine of unique and intricate style and incredible workmanship, from the early18th century, Dieppe,France. The corpus and fittings are carved from elephant tusk ivory (legally imported from The Netherlands) ebony and fine fruitwoods. Please view this magnificent investment work of art, and note the turned ivory posts,carved mother of pearl placques and every wooden peg, and nail...all miraculously intact. The tiny nail heads even have details. Truly one of a kind, worthy of the finest museum or art collection. We can only speculate as to where this much treasured crucifix has been and how it has survived in exceptional condition with no replacements or damage throughout the numerous wars and ravages of the last 250 or more years. Inquiries invited. Dimensions: 24 Inches (61cm) length 12 Inches(30cm) width 5.2 Inches(13cm) x 3.54 Inches(9cm) The figural ivory sculpture of Christ. Measurements: 24 Inches x 12 Inches x 6 Inches Year: 18th Century

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Sherri Garner
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Email : mzdragonwoman@aol.com
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