Rare & old brass judaica travel ? candlestick ? - For Sale

Rare & old brass judaica travel ? candlestick ?
Price: $169.00
First of all sorry for my poor description, but in my opinion this rare item is used to put inside a candle

When you see it looks like a ball perfectly put it in your hand and where is Star of David you press that " key " and that allow you to open it.

Has some letters or words and some animals ( I can see a sun , a kind of flag...... )

For that reason I took many pictures then your the experts coul see exactly what kind of item is.

The size is 2,8 " x 2,4 " aprox.

Looks quite old

If you know the name ( if it has ) I appreciate to know it.


Antique Religious Items
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Volver Antiguedades
Peru 883
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Email : nepoceledoni@yahoo.com.ar
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