Antique Kurdish Persian Rug #44566 - For Sale

Antique Kurdish Persian Rug #44566
Price: $28000.00
This stunning antique Kurdish carpet has a design made up of multiple borders arranged in stripes. Each of the borders has the same pattern -a running vinescroll emitting flowers in the form of ‘Botehs’ or paisley motifs. Only the varying coloration distinguishes the various stripes from one another. The designs of the borders proper are wholly different. The main border has pomegranate blossoms derived from Anatolian or Turkish village rugs, while the minor borders consist of pinwheel rosettes. Kurdish rugs are distinguished from other weavings largely by their taste for incredibly beautiful and varied color. In that sense this lovely rug is Kurdish through and through.

Style: Kurdish
Origin: Persia
Size: 6. ft 01 in x 16 ft (1.85 m x 4.88 m)

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1 Nazmiyal Collection
31 East 32nd St.
Floor #2
New York-10016
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Phone : 212-545-8029

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