Ogden M. Pleissner Watercolor Litho of Men Hunting in River from Boat - For Sale

Ogden M. Pleissner Watercolor Litho of Men Hunting in River from Boat
Price: $66000.00
Ogden Pleissner fishing and hunting themed sporting pictures as well as his landscapes are beautiful. The artist captured scenes across America, Europe, and Bermuda for fifty-seven years. At 27 Pleissner's painting Backyards, Brooklyn was purchased by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Donovan 1995, 155) making him the youngest artist in their collection at the time. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Pleissner was raised in an artistically encouraging family. As a teenager, he spent his summers attending a camp in Dubois, Wyoming where he developed an appreciation for nature and the outdoors. He spent much of this time there engaged in outdoor sports such as fishing, but also set aside time for sketching many of the iconic images of the American West, including its landscapes, animals, Native Americans, and cowboys. Pleissner's love of nature and various sporting activities remained a constant presence in the paintings he produced throughout his artistic career. This picture is 9x5 1/2 and is a watercolor Lithograph. It is signed on the picture and in pencil on the white border. There is some water damage on the back of the frame an on the white border of the picture and a little brown spots around the edge of the litho. Frame is black with gold trim. This picture depicts Man standing on land by a tree stump with a rifle in his hand looking st the river whil two other men are hunting in the river for birds from their boat. Good condition overall.

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Natasha Watson
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