Hongshan Crystal Fertility Goddess - For Sale

Hongshan Crystal Fertility Goddess
Price: $2800.00
This exquisite goddess artifact comes from the Hongshan (a.k.a. Longshan, Hong Shan) culture, an ancient agriculture-based Neolithic people, ancestors of modern Chinese culture. This carved crystal piece is an authentic ceremonial statue that is estimated to be over 4000+ years old. The Hongshan people honored the Goddess for granting fertility and abundant harvests. Crystal artifacts are extremely rare, and you will not find another piece like this for sale anywhere online.

Statue measures 8 inches (20.33 cm) long and 1.62 inches (4.1 cm) wide. She appears to be a pregnant female figure with a slight smile, kneeling in prayer with hands over her heart. Her "baby" is a strange alien-monkey-pig face protruding from her abdomen. Both have large elongated eyes. Her hair is pulled up into a forward curved bun at the crown of her head, with a bi-conical hole drilled through the side. Clearly visible concentric lines indicate the ancient hole-drilling technique using increasingly smaller sizes of reeds or bamboo. Its ancient origin is also indicated in the surface micro-degradation and pitting. It was created from a solid piece of perfectly clear quartz crystal. It is in great condition with small chips on the upper ear on both sides.

This piece has an uncanny luminous glow when touched by sunlight, and conveys a visceral feeling of power and reverence when you hold it.

More photos are available upon request.

Excavation of Hongshan burial sites and elaborate temple complexes began in the 1930s, with a number of pieces entering the market in the 1970s and 80s, however it is now extremely difficult to find authentic Hongshan artifacts for sale. There is nothing remotely similar to this piece available on the market today. I have been entrusted to find a collector for this very rare piece, recently released from the private collection a retired antiques dealer who traveled extensively through Asia several decades ago. Most Hongshan artifacts are in museum collections. Now you have the opportunity to own a mysterious and sacred relic of ancient China.

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