Award of the German cross in gold 1941 - For Sale

Award of the German cross in gold 1941
Price: $4000.00
Award of the German cross in gold with a native box in an excellent collection condition for a subject, to which almost 70 years. Free of defects and losses. The ORIGINAL. A brand 134 – manufacturer Robert Klein Hanau, weight 46,5 g. Military award of the German cross (it. Der Kriegsorden des Deutschen Kreuzes) - an award founded by Hitler on September, 28th, 1941 as an intermediate step between the Iron cross of the first class and the Knightly iron cross. The rewarding bases: for bravery in the field of fight.
Establishment date: 9/28/1941.
The first rewarding: 10/18/1941.
Quantity of rewardings: 25318.

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