A Female Bush Spirit Mask, Wee tribe, Côte d'Ivoire/Liberia - For Sale

A Female Bush Spirit Mask, Wee tribe, Côte d'Ivoire/Liberia
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Wood, nice patina, brass, remains of leather from old fur, convex eyes, curved cheek marks, chin with large quantity of old brass bells, powerful smiling mouth and forehead scarification. The Wee, located in Liberia and Ivory Coast, use many masks to embody forest spirits, which they believe contact human beings through dreams.In these dreams the spirits demand to be physically manifested as masks, choosing either male or female forms. Wee carvers seem to have focused their skills on carving powerful masks to which objects such as bells, nails, feathers and cowries shells are added to reinforce the power of the masks.
Signs of use.
H: 36,8 cm (14 ½ inch).

Literature: Bacquart, Jean-Baptiste (2010) The Tribal Arts of Africa.


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