Tiffany Replica Heat Cap and Wheel, Bronze 4 Inch - For Sale

Tiffany Replica Heat Cap and Wheel, Bronze 4 Inch
Price: $181.00
For sale I have a Replacement Heat Cap and Wheel made especially for Original Tiffany Studios, New York shades that require this size. The cap and wheel has a wonderful Tiffany style Verdi Patina. The base metal is Brass that was copper plated and a Green Patina Applied. These would be known a Gilt Bronze. The inside diameter of the wheel is 4 3/16" and the outside diameter is 4 11/16". The Heat Cap has a diameter of 4 3/8"

The Cap and wheel display a wonderful and Earthy Verdi Green Patina. This combination was designed for Tiffany lamps that were usually 16" to 18" or that have an opening in the top of the shade that is between 4 3/16" to 4 11/16". You can use this combo on other early manufacturers shades such as Wilkinson, Duffner & Kimberly, Unique, Bradley + Hubbard, Handel, Pairpoint, Miller, Pittsburgh as long as their opening is the same. This combination is designed to be hard mounted to any base that has a 3/8" pipe for the wheel to screw down on. The shade then sits on the wheel and the cap with a 8/32" thread locks the shade to the base when you screw the cap into the reducer which sits in the middle of the wheel.

The quality level is that of Tiffany Studios, New York quality. So if you have an original Tiffany shade that requires the use of this cap and wheel and have been unable to find an original setup look no further!! This looks exactly like the real deal! The cap and wheel is in near perfect condition as there are no scratches, dents or dings!

I have many lighting parts in my inventory. I also have other Cap and Wheel Sizes. Please feel free to contact me at the email address provided below if you have any special needs.


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