Indian Sculpture of a Flautist - RP.008 - For Sale

Indian Sculpture of a Flautist - RP.008
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This serene sculpture of a flautist was made in India during the 16th century AD. It is a highly ornate carving, and thus predates the Mughal – Islamic – colonisation which is characterised by less figurative pieces. The figure is shown as a dancer, with the right leg crossed across the left. The body is draped in a long and diaphanous tunic with a very ornate front. There is also extensive jewellery, on the arms, chest and in the ornately coiffed hair. The face is beautifully rendered, and exceptionally expressive.Pieces such as this were usually made for temples or other public arenas, and were arranged in rows along walls and in niches. They usually represent specific figures in Hindu mythology, or sometimes just acolytes, dancers or entertainers to more notable figures. This is a beautiful piece of Indian art.- (RP.008)

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