Eastern Han Small Glazed Hu - H.514 - For Sale

Eastern Han Small Glazed Hu - H.514
Price: $3000.00
The Han Dynasty was a key period of major importance in the development of Chinese ceramics, for among other innovations, glazed wares were advanced to a new level of sophistication. Primarily, glazed wares took the form of aristocratic vessels made in imitation of bronzes whose decorative values far outweighed their practical significance. However, ceramic vessels entered more and more largely into everyday life and took the form of practical vessels for everyday use.Given its clear and shiny glaze, this brownish-green glazed pottery ewer is crafted in the style of the Eastern Han Dynasty. In a modified version of a cocoon-shaped flask Hu, this vessel has a horizontally oval-shaped belly with animal patterns on its upper side, a slightly flared rim at the mouth, and a tapered base. Taotie mask designs adorn both sides of the vessels as a scene of dragons moving across clouds is depicted around its body.This vessel is representative of the trend in Eastern Han ceramics to express the joy that people of the time took in their way of life, as well as their concern for life itself. - (H.514)

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