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Gilded Bronze Horse - MR.010
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This stunning horse, wrought in bronze and plated in gold, is a thrilling example of Warring- States era craftsmanship at its finest. The Mongolian horse, native to China, stands in proud repose- its sturdy legs firmed into the ground, its neck arching into its diamond shaped face. His hind legs, bulging with muscle, are set far apart, giving him a truly regal bearing. To the Chinese, the horse was everything. A symbol of prosperity, a beast of burden, a steed of war, and a prized show-animal all in one race. The glorious musculature and expression of this piece are a testament to Chinese worksmanship and creativity. Truly the beast immortalized in this piece was worthy of the cautious hands of its artist. Looking at it, we almost expect to hear a metallic clink of hooves, and a rattling whicker coming from its delicate form. It continues to charm us with its presence today, a vibrant example of how the appreciation of the ancients, and that of our own, can sometimes be so very similar. - (MR.010)

Ancient Asian
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Barakat Gallery
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Beverly Hills
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