Han Bronze Long-Necked Hu - H.023 - For Sale

Han Bronze Long-Necked Hu - H.023
Price: $9600.00
The swollen belly and long slender neck of this flask characterizes it as a vessel used to contain liquids. A unique feature is the shape of the mouth which is modelled after the voluptuous contours of a flower. It rests on a small circular base, with traces of incrustation throughout. The virtues of simplicity and subtlety are exhibited through its elegant line and form. The Han Dynasty is known as the cultural blossoming period in Chinese history. Common belief held that if the way of the Sages was restored, then social order and moral uprightness of men could be achieved. Bronze vessels served an important role in the world of rites and ritual as well as in the realm of men who longed for expensive bronze ware to demonstrate their power and prestige. - (H.023)

Ancient Asian
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