Han Dynasty Green Glazed Duck - SK.006 - For Sale

Han Dynasty Green Glazed Duck - SK.006
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This green-glazed terracotta duck would have been interred in the tomb of a wealthy member of the social elite. Known as ‘mingqi’, these grave goods were extremely popular during the Han era. The nobility were buried with splendidly modeled replicas of all the people, animals and possessions they would require in the afterlife. These might range from wine vessels to miniature farms or elegant courtiers and musicians, intended to entertain their masters for eternity. Sculpted warriors or tomb guardians were also popular. This superbly crafted duck was probably included as a source of food. The modeling is extremely naturalistic and reflects the religious beliefs held during the Han era. The more realistic the grave goods, the more likely they would perform their functions effectively in the afterlife. The artist may well have worked from a real-life model.The pale green glaze is a distinctive feature of Han era pottery which does not appear in later ages. Over time the surface has acquired a beautiful, soft iridescent patina. Commonly referred to as “silver frost,” this iridescence is the result of wet and dry periods in a tomb whereby the clay dissolves the lead glaze and redeposits it on the surface, where it hardens. A testament of age, this patina is also admired by collectors for its charming aesthetic qualities, similar in effect to mother of pearl.Historically the Han Dynasty was one of the most illustrious in China’s past. It was divided into two distinct periods, the Western Han (c. 206 BC-9 AD) and the Eastern Han (23-220 AD). Trade flourished and the wealth and ideas that accompanied the opening of new trade routes led to the flourishing of the arts. Many written works – especially poetry and plays – date to this period, as well as paintings and cast bronze or ceramic sculptures. This piece is a wonderful example of the skill and creativity of Han artists and would make a charming addition to any serious collection of ancient art. (AM) - (SK.006 )

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