Khmer Bronze Ceremonial Lightning Bolt - FZ.251 - For Sale

Khmer Bronze Ceremonial Lightning Bolt - FZ.251
Price: $4800.00
The Buddhist religion spread rapidly throughout the far east and nowhere is the artistic rendering of this dynamic religion more expressive than in the 12th to 13th century Kmer culture of Cambodia. Here, all religious art forms acquired an extraordinary quality of craftsmanship and spirit that was highly appropriate for its exalted subject matter. We see a portion of that extraordinary artistry in this Khmer culture bronze thunderbolt, or vajra. This powerful image is the destroying, but in itself indestructible, emblem of Buddhist deities. Rendered with a potent mixture of bold lines and intricate detail, this bronze thunderbolt displays an unearthly forcefulness that befits its ancient symbolic nature. As we experience this dramatic work of art, we feel a keen respect, not only for the religious ideology that is expressed here, but also for the Khmer craftsman who created such a communicative piece of bronze artwork. - (FZ.251)

Ancient Asian
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