Five Dynasties Period Offering Vessel - For Sale

Five Dynasties Period Offering Vessel
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This marvelous piece of ancient pottery is an offering vessel, sometimes referred to as a "spirit jar", from roughly the Five Dynasties period (907-960 AD) of Classic Imperial China. These intriguing vessels first appeared to Western collectors around the turn of the century and were quite a delightful find. Appearing in the ruins of a long forgotten monastery near Kunming, hundreds of these jars were discovered in several sites in Yunnan. This particular piece appear intact and unrestored and is quite a find for the serious collector. These have all but disappeared from the market as most of them are in the hands of knowing collectors and museums. There appears to be writing in red paint underneath the vessel lid. This was common on these pieces. I have not cleaned off the dirt to reveal the writing but that is something the new owner may wish to do. The writing was often a representation of the zodiac, a prayer, or other religiously significant expression. Don't miss this opportunity to to join a select few private collectors to own one of the amazing pieces of the past. Height is approximately 31 cm, which is fairly large for these type vessels.

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