Chupicuaro Sculpture of a Woman - PF.1981 - For Sale

Chupicuaro Sculpture of a Woman - PF.1981
Price: $4050.00
Chupicuaro Sculpture of a Woman - PF.1981,Origin: Chupicuaro, Mexico,Circa: 500 BC to 200 BC,Dimensions: 4.625" (11.7cm) high x 1.625" (4.1cm) wide,Collection: Pre-Columbian,Style: Chupicuaro,Medium: Terracotta. Though this striking female figure was created in Ancient Mexico, her appeal is Universal. Such a piece transcends the boundaries of time and culture. She could have easily been understood in Babylon, Egypt or Rome. Her message is primal, old as time, inescapable. When we look upon her, we realize how much we share with the people who created her. Eternally feminine, she has lost none of her power over time.

Ancient Central America & Mexico
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