Colima Sculpture of a Seated Dog - PF.4349 - For Sale

Colima Sculpture of a Seated Dog - PF.4349
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Colima Sculpture of a Seated Dog - PF.4349,Origin: Western Mexico,Circa: 300 BC to 300 AD,Dimensions: 9.25" (23.5cm) high x 7.125" (18.1cm) wide,Collection: Pre-Columbian,Style: Colima,Medium: Terracotta. The dogs from Colima in West Mexico have been a curiosity to many art lovers and art critics alike. One may say they are dogs to be eaten and savored as a delicacy and others believe that the dogs are effigies of the owners’ pets to be taken to the grave. This broad shaped seated dog is yet another example of the intrigue these dogs spark. The surface of this piece is done in a burnish red color. The dogs mouth can be construed as a smile in anticipation to play with its owner making it a loving pet, but viewed from the side its smile turns into a growl in defense for its own life. The dog’s ears are perked-up as if on the look out. The earlobes contain pierces which once may have been adorned with earrings that have long since disintegrated. The eyes of the dog are opened wide, which give it the quality of attention to attack or to play. Regardless of the intent of the artists, this expressive piece carries with it an ambiguity and intrigue that has been buried in the past and which today we only can marvel at.

Ancient Central America & Mexico
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