Pre-columbian Guanacaste-Nicoya Crocodile/Tlaloc Effigy Vessel - For Sale

Pre-columbian Guanacaste-Nicoya Crocodile/Tlaloc Effigy Vessel
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Large fine reptilian style effigy jar from the Nicoya Region of Costa Rica. This superlative pear-shaped polychrome ceramic vessel has two crocodile heads with a beautiful complex painted motif that stands on hollow rattle tripod legs. Openwork mouth prominently exposes his upper and lower teeth. Two continuous painted bands separate the lower crocodilian vessel to the wide panel effigy around the neck of the jar. A ritual imagery of Tlaloc is decorated between the upper and lower geometric designs. Cream slip, burnished, with black and orange-red paint. Rare. Reassembled from large sections with minor restoration over breaks.

Early period VI, 1000-1550 AD

Measures 13"/33 cm in height.

Jaguar heads are the most common applied heads of such jars. Having a star role in the religious and mythological concepts expressed through the designs on polychrome ceramics, the powerful alligator or crocodile prevailed in design schemes at an earlier period. The added human or deity face on this vessel makes it very unique as both symbols are associated simultaneously with fertility, life giver and the rains.

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