Zacatecas Painted Terracotta Bowl - PF.2444 - For Sale

Zacatecas Painted Terracotta Bowl - PF.2444
Price: $6300.00
Zacatecas Painted Terracotta Bowl - PF.2444,Origin: Central Mexico,Circa: 250 AD to 550 AD,Dimensions: 2.25" (5.7cm) high x 8.375" (21.3cm) wide,Collection: Pre-Columbian,Style: Zacatecas,Medium: Terracotta. In the central region of Mexico, a vigorous ancient people, the Zacatecas, created a highly individual culture. Even though their art forms were influenced by nearby Jalisco and Nayarit styles, their splendid artistic efforts were still distinctive. This beautiful painted bowl is an exquisite example of the skilled hand of the Ancient Zacatecas artist at work. Burnished to a high sheen, the subtly hued interior of the bowl reflects light in a most ephemeral fashion. When turned over, the bowl greets us with a surprising array of patterns. Radiating from the center of bowl are four sets of double parallel lines that divide the bowl into four quadrants, perhaps echoing the ordering of the earth's seasonal cycle. An abstracted floral motif also radiates from the center, each of its four distinct components artistically rendered. A crosshatch design in the form of a chevron pattern, in two opposing sections of the bowl, adds an element of kinetic excitement to this spirited piece. Abstracted leaf shapes at the end of the sets of parallel lines combine with the other motifs to form an overall scheme that is both balanced and rhythmic--one that is able to communicate its intensity and power across time and space.

Ancient Central America & Mexico
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