Egypto-Roman Bronze Sculpture of a Male Dog - PF.5491 - For Sale

Egypto-Roman Bronze Sculpture of a Male Dog - PF.5491
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Origin: Egypt
Circa: 300 BC to 100 BC
Dimensions: 3" (7.6cm) high x 5" (12.7cm) wide
Collection: Egyptian Antiquities
Style: Ptolemaic
Medium: Bronze
In all its vitality and vigor this magnificent bronze canine now stands before us as if beckoned by its ancient master. The artisan who sculpted this lean and athletic dog captured the swiftness in his limbs and the pronounced agility throughout his body. With inlaid silver eyes, the artist depicts the dog’s acute vision and cunning gaze. One can imagine that this charming sculpture belonged to a proud and loving master who wished to memorialize his agile companion through the elegant medium of bronze. Dog and master are an inseparable team; in antiquity, as in modern times, the relationship between man and dog is one of inexplicable trust and camaraderie. The master of this dog could very well have been a hunter, served faithfully by his hound in pursuit of elusive game. With all its dexterity and enthusiasm, this dog would pounce on any threat to its master, rewarded with the love and affection of a grateful owner. Having survived the ravages of time, this wonderful animal stands alert and ready to serve a new master as a testament to loyalty and friendship— eternal qualities that transcend the lacunae between ancient and modern. - (PF.5491)

Ancient Egyptian
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