Fragment of a Wall Panel Depicting Three Birds - SK.029 - For Sale

Fragment of a Wall Panel Depicting Three Birds - SK.029
Price: $7500.00
Origin: Egypt
Circa: 1550 BC to 1075 BC
Dimensions: 3.8 " (9.7cm) high x 5.8 " (14.7cm) wide
Collection: Egyptian
Style: New Kingdom
Medium: Stone
It was during the New Kingdom era that ancient Egypt reached the height of its power and military prowess. Territorial expansion into the Middle East and Nubia gave rise to phenomenal wealth and diversity within its own boundaries. The art of this period is exceptional in terms of the beauty of its execution and faithfulness to detail. This fragment, originally from the wall of a tomb or temple, is no exception. The surviving scene depicts a hand grasping three birds by their feathers. The body of the bird in the foreground is visible; the presence of the other two is indicated by their heads and necks. The composition, with the birds facing in different directions, adds a liveliness and dynamism to the scene. There are several possibilities as to the appearance of the panel in its original state. Visual representations of hunting were common in ancient Egypt, as it was thought to demonstrate the power and courage of the participants. Alternatively the birds may be offered as a votive gift to an unseen deity (the structure on the left is difficult to interpret in its current state). Traces of the original polychromy survive on the wrist and hand. Egyptian artists were fascinated by the natural world and this piece is a wonderful example of their skill in depicting it. (AM) - (SK.029 )

Ancient Egyptian
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