Fragment of an Egyptian Wooden Sarcophagus Depicting a Head - X.0437 - For Sale

Fragment of an Egyptian Wooden Sarcophagus Depicting a Head - X.0437
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Origin: Egypt
Circa: 664 BC to 525 BC
Dimensions: 21.25" (54.0cm) high
Collection: Egyptian
Style: 26th Dynasty
Medium: Wood
Although Egypt was timber-scarce, her artisans availed themselves of an amply supply of quality hard woods in order to satisfy their creative impulses. The cultural horizons of ancient Egypt’s long history are replete with examples of magnificent sculptures in wood ranging in size from the miniature to the colossal and in date from the Old Kingdom to the Roman Imperial Period.
The use of wood for funerary furnishings accelerated during the course of the Middle Kingdom when tombs were supplied with coffins and so-called models of daily like, richly painted and minutely detailed. The subsequent New Kingdom continued the use of wood for funerary paraphernalia, best exemplified, perhaps, by the numerous religious figures discovered within the tomb of Tutankhamun, but this period was best known for its wooden sarcophagi. This tradition continued into the Third Intermediate Period when lavishly decorated and varnished wooden coffins were often created as multiples, one resting within the other, as revealed by excavations in Thebes.

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