New Kingdom Steatite Amulet of a Baboon - PF.2984 - For Sale

New Kingdom Steatite Amulet of a Baboon - PF.2984
Price: $3600.00
Origin: Egypt
Circa: 1600 BC to 600 BC
Dimensions: 1.75" (4.4cm) high x .75" (1.9cm) wide
Collection: Egyptian
Style: New Kingdom
Medium: Steatite
The baboon was a creature that was closely associated with the moon and gods of the moon. Baboons were kept as sacred animals in temples dedicated to moon gods and were believed to be the form that spirits of the dawn took after they sang a hymn to the rising sun. Baboons were sacred to the god Thoth, who is sometimes depicted in the form of one. They were also believed to play a role in the judgment of the deceased in the afterlife. A baboon reported the outcome of the weighing of the heart of the deceased to Thoth, who would record the results. This beautiful steatite amulet depicts a baboon squatting with his front paws raised, a pose indicative of adoration. He appears to support a stele, the inscription of which is largely eroded. This amulet was probably kept as a protective charm to invoke the protection of Thoth or another moon god. - (PF.2984)

Ancient Egyptian
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