Attic Red-Figure Hydria - PF.5776 - For Sale

Attic Red-Figure Hydria - PF.5776
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Ancient Greek civilization is famed today for their many philosophical and political achievements. However, nothing is more immediate and impressive as their art. Through examples such as this, the golden age of Athens becomes tangible and eternal. Looking at this exquisite vessel, we are transported to the height of Classical Antiquity where life and art were homogenous. This hydria exemplifies the spirit of Athens through its symphony of graceful, flowing movement. As one admires the charming scene adorning the body of this vessel, we forget that its original use was a water jug. This scene serves as a window through time, sharing with us a special glimpse of daily life in Athens during the 5th Century B.C.We stand witness in front of a lady standing before a chair and holding a thyrsos in her left hand and garland in her right. Opposite to her stands another lady offering an overflowing alabastron, a sash in the field. As the centerpiece of this extraordinary example of Attic vases, these ladies are framed within a band of black dots below and a band of ovolo kymation above. Although the Parthenon may stand in ruins today, when we hold this Attic Hydria in our hands, we can envision the past and the glories of Ancient Greece alive and vibrant again. - (PF.5776)

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