Canosan Vase in the Form of a Woman's Head - PF.5367 - For Sale

Canosan Vase in the Form of a Woman's Head - PF.5367
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A female head with a long broad neck is the central motif of this fine funerary vase. She wears a garland of large leaves (perhaps laurel) six on each side surrounding her face just behind the fringe of hair. A large rosette dominates the center of the wreath providing a focal point to draw attention down to the details of the woman's delicately gentle expression. Attached to the handle is a full-figured woman wearing a himation that completely covers her body. Her bent left arm presses against the abdomen as her clenched fist pulls tightly on the cloth so the folds are taught and straight. Unique decorative elements combine to give a strong feeling of poignancy for the departed, and a beautiful recollection of a life remembered in the art of a lovely vase. - (PF.5367)

Ancient Greek
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