Etrusco-Corinthian Terracotta Olpe - X.0530 - For Sale

Etrusco-Corinthian Terracotta Olpe - X.0530
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Our knowledge about the Etruscan civilization is extremely limited. Our understanding of their language is still incomplete and most of the information that is known comes to us through the Romans, their one-time subjects who grew to become their masters. The Etruscans lived under a series of autonomous city-states spread out across northern and central Italy. By the 3rd Century B.C., they would be absorbed into the burgeoning Roman Empire.The evolution of Etruscan pottery follows the major artistic developments as they occurred throughout the Classical era. Before the 6th Century B.C., the island of Corinth, with their distinctive black-figure wares, dominated the lucrative pottery export trade. Corinthian wares were traded throughout the Mediterranean, and the vivid painting style became extraordinarily popular. Etruscan potters began to imitate the designs of their Corinthian counterparts to meet the demands of the local market.

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