Greek Attic (not Apulian) Owl Skyphos Item Number: 1095030 - For Sale

Greek Attic (not Apulian) Owl Skyphos Item Number: 1095030
Price: $1795.00
Most owl cups available today were made in the Greek colony of Apulia, and as such, are usually not as desirable as their Attic (Athenian-made) counterparts. This example was made in Athens, ca. 375 BC. Traditional owl skyphos, but the Attic form is almost always more delicate and refined in its appearance. Owl on each side in red-figure, above red ground line, palmette beneath each handle. 5-1/4"W handlespan, broken/repaired from about six pieces with tiny area of rim restored, but breaks do not affect either owl, plus small rim and base chips, as shown.

ProvenanceEx-private Santa Fe, NM collection.

Material Pottery
Dimensions 5-1/4"W handlespan
Condition Repaired

Ancient Greek
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Artemis Gallery Ancient Art
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