Greek Daunian Kyathos - Owl Motif Item Number: 1109053 - For Sale

Greek Daunian Kyathos - Owl Motif Item Number: 1109053
Price: $1795.00
Rare decoration and form! From ancient Greece, Southern Italy, Daunia, ca. 6th - 4th BC. Terracotta horn-handled kyathos / wine ladle with geometric decorations; round shallow bowl with painted thick / thin bands encircling; topped by a two horned strap handle with a stylised head between resembling an owl, then another set of eyes and a fineline diamond design further down front of handle. Concentric circles around inner bowl with a painted star with twin/opposing birds (ibis perhaps?)in center (similar decoration appears on exterior). Hand-thrown and painted. 6-1/2"H x 6"D, re-glued handle, two areas of rim restoration plus minor chipping, else quite nice.

ProvenanceEx-Gualario Collection, Tampa, FL

Material Pottery
Dimensions 6-1/2"H x 6"D
Condition Repaired

Ancient Greek
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Artemis Gallery Ancient Art
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