Greek Terracotta Lyre Player - PF.5556 - For Sale

Greek Terracotta Lyre Player - PF.5556
Price: $9000.00
This figure is depicted nude except for his sandals. He strides forward with his left leg while both feet are angled downward. One can imagine him frolicking through arcadia, entranced by the sounds of his own music. Originally, this work would have included his now-missing instrument. On he head he wears a fillet with projecting leaves over his parted hair, locks of which falls down and frame his neck. There is something quite pastoral about this piece. It touches a part of us all now forgotten in this modern world. It sings of joy and music and celebration. It reveals a time when man and nature were intertwined in an elaborate dance whose song has now unfortunately ended. Yet somewhere in the silence we can still hear the notes of a tune played out on his long lost lyre and reconnect with our pastoral being. - (PF.5556)

Ancient Greek
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Barakat Gallery
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