Magna Graecian Bichrome Cup - PF.5380 - For Sale

Magna Graecian Bichrome Cup - PF.5380
Price: $1200.00
This bichrome cup may be described as a sessile kantharos, having a low foot with two vertical handles that do not rise above the level of the lip. The wide body, to which the handles are attached in the middle, meets a vertical slope flaring outwards to form a fairly wide mouth. A blending of red and black slip presents an attractive variation of shading. The buff of the interior and stem provide a striking contrast to the coloration, especially as the darker shades flow over the rim into the interior. To hold this cup takes one back to the time of Greek colonization of the southern portion of ancient Italy (called in antiquity Magna Grecia). - (PF.5380)

Ancient Greek
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