Bronze Coin Of Byzantine Emperor Justinian - FJ.4205 - For Sale

Bronze Coin Of Byzantine Emperor Justinian - FJ.4205
Price: $2400.00
Origin: Israel (Bethlehem)
Circa: 527 AD to 565 BC
Collection: Byzantine Coin Pendant
Medium: Bronze-Gold
One of history's more remarkable personalities, Justinian defined the age in which he lived. Brilliant and charismatic, Justinian gained lasting fame as a codifier of laws, as a military strategist, and as the architect of the splendid church of Hagia Sofia. This large bronze coin bearing his imperial image seems to epitomize the grandeur of his reign. The people who first held it were witnesses to history. The individual who wears this superb pendant today is certain to make a mark on the world as well. - (FJ.4205)

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