Bronze Coin of Roman Emperor Constantius II - FJ.4535 - For Sale

Bronze Coin of Roman Emperor Constantius II - FJ.4535
Price: $4300.00
Origin: Jerusalem
Circa: 337 AD to 361 AD
Collection: Roman Coin Pendant
Style: Roman
Medium: Bronze, Gold
In the Roman world, it was fashionable to wear imperial coins set in jewelry as symbols of political affiliation. As a son and successor to Constantine the great, Constantius II was one of the first roman emperors raised as a Christian. Clever and ambitious, he eventually became sole ruler of the Roman Empire. This gorgeous pendant, crafted in the roman manner, could easily have adorned a royal courtier in Constantinople. Wherever it is worn today, it is certain to leave an enduring impression of opulence and grandeur. Evocative of the past, it remains completely fashionable in the present. - (FJ.4535)

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