Endre Szasz -Offerings To A Different God - ES.027 - For Sale

Endre Szasz -Offerings To A Different God - ES.027
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"Offerings to a Different God" expels a tremendous frenetic energy as a surreal collection of characters is portrayed in mid-motion, each proceeding toward their venerable god. Two human-like figures in the center each hold an offering; one resembles a stylized pomegranate while the other offering appears to be a large eye lying on a plate. Ancient, universal symbolism is revealed in these offerings, for the pomegranate is an age-old symbol of fertility, while the eye represents a supreme intelligence and understanding of the spirit. Surrounding these two human-like devotees are a number of fantastic creatures, on land as well as in the air, all intensely focused on their god. Light and shadows dance around all of these extraordinary images, creating an atmosphere steeped in fanciful mystery. The imagination of the artist has truly captured our senses as we experience this remarkable scene and attempt to unravel its complexities. - (ES.027)Endre Szasz -Offerings To A Different God - ES.027
Dimensions: 16" (40.6cm) high x 22" (55.9cm) wide Collection: Contemporary Art Medium: Steel Litho Plate

Art (paintings, prints, frames)
Contemporary Art
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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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Email : barakat@barakatgallery.com
Phone : 310.859.8408

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