Five Silver Coins of Roman Emperor Gordion III - FJ.5258 - For Sale

Five Silver Coins of Roman Emperor Gordion III - FJ.5258
Price: $6300.00
Origin: Israel
Circa: 238 AD to 244 AD
Collection: Roman Silver Coin Bracelet
Medium: Silver-Gold
M. Antonius Gordianus, grandson of the ill-fated Gordian I and nephew of Gordian II, was born around 255 A.D. After his grandfather and uncle perished in their revolt against the emperor Maximinus in 238 A.D., Gordian III was given the title of Caesar by Balbinus and Pupienus, the two co-emperors set up by the senate in opposition to Maximinus. Wren these two were also murdered, Gordian III was proclaimed Augustus by the Praetorian Guard. In 244 A.D. Gordian went to personally direct the campaign in the Persian east, where he met with great initial success. However, due to the treachery of the praetorian prefect, Julius Phillipus, the loyalty of the army was undermined and Gordian III was deposed and killed in Mesopotamia. These five silver coins, minted during the reign of Gordion III, all feature on one side the crowned bust of the emperor. The other side of three of the coins depicts the Greek god Apollo, seated, holding a branch in his right hand while the left arm rests atop a lyre. Another coin depicts the standing image of securitas (security), holding a scepter and leaning on a column. The final coin depicts a standing felicitas (happiness), holding a cornucopia and a caduceus, or staff. Radiant beauty and fascinating imagery combine in these silver coins, to give us a magical window into the past--one that allows our spirit to feel a connectedness with a truly extraordinary period in the history of western civilization. Mounted in a lovely gold bracelet, these five silver coins also become a beautiful and timeless work of art, to be worn and enjoyed for years to come. - (FJ.5258)

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