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Gold Bracelet - FJ.6359
Price: $6000.00
Gold Bracelet - FJ.6359, Origin: Costa Rican/Panamanian Border Area, Circa: 500 AD to 1550 AD, Dimensions: 2.5" (6.4cm) depth, Collection: Pre-Columbian, Style: Pre-Columbian, Medium: Gold. Though gold was plentiful in the streams of ancient Costa Rica, the working of raw gold into jewelry necessitated expert goldsmiths. To have works commissioned required not only money but also authority, which is why the wearing of elaborate jewelry was restricted to the elite classes. Chiefs, warriors and shaman, (and presumably their wives), wore plenty of gold jewelry as attested by the Spanish chroniclers who were astonished at the amount and quality of the ornamentation. This bracelet is simple and elegant, made from a beaten sheet of pure gold, embossed on the rims, and twisted to suit the wrist. The wide surface area allows light from the sun to reflect off it. Some ancient people believe there was an association between gold and the regenerative power of the sun. Certainly, to wear or display this bracelet is like owning something that is not only precious but also mysterious.

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