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Historically important Roman silver dinar of Tiberius
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From Jerusalem, A historically important Roman silver denarius of Tiberius " Tribute penny - Render unto Caesar...; bearing image of Tiberius on the obverse. The Latin inscription reads (clockwise from left of emperor's ear): Augustus Ti(berius) Caesar Divi Aug(usti) F(ilius) ["Augustus Tiberius, son of the Divine Augustus"]. According to the synoptic gospels, it was a coin like this that prompted Jesus to say: "Caesar's things give back to Caesar and God's things to God" [Mark 12:15-17 & parallels]. This denarius' inscription identifying Tiberius Caesar as son of the divine Augustus magnifies the rhetorical irony of that saying.The coin which Jesus held in his hand while the pharisees attempted to catch him in his word when they asked "IS IT LAWFUL TO PAY TRIBUTE TO CAESAR OR NOT? is illustrated above and is a denarius of TIBERIUS who ruled during the ministry of JESUS. The story is told in the new Testament according to St.Mark 12:14-16: KNOWING THEIR HYPOCRISY SAID UNTO THEM, WHY TEMPT YE ME? BRING ME A PENNY THAT I MAY SEE IT. They brought one and He asked them whose image and inscription it was. They said Caesar's. Jesus told them " RENDER UNTO CAESAR THE THINGS THAT AER CAESAR'S AND UNTO GOD THINGS THAT ARE GOD'S.Of all the Biblical reference to coins, this is perhaps the best known Weight: 3.7 grams Found near Jerusalem, Holy Land ALL ITEMS THAT WE OFFER FOR SALE COME WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

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