Mesopotamian Stone Amulet Of A Fish, 2000 Bc - For Sale

Mesopotamian Stone Amulet Of A Fish, 2000 Bc
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Ancient Near Eastern "MESOPOTAMIAN" stone amulet of a fish with nice incised details, dating to around 2000 BC
Measurements: Length: 3.5 cm - Height: 1 cm condition: Intact as found For thousands of years, since before recorded history, man has worn amulets and talismans for luck and protection. The stones, feathers, teeth and claws that adorned early cultures eventually gave way to an array of amulets whose powers were as varied as their forms. This superb little token represents a fish, a creature symbolic of strength, power, and Firility.The fish is a particularly powerful amulet for the chance in the life and will bring prosperity and protection against the people will offer to you who hate you or have bad intentions In ancient history this kind of amulets were given to young girls to wear as a charm against drowning. Some scholars suggest that such amulets functioned by aversion, that is, a reminder of a watery environment was enough to give the owner security, but it is much more likely that the amulet allowed the wearer to acquire the abilities of a fish, and therefore survival, if she happened to fall into the water. ALL ITEMS THAT WE OFFER FOR SALE COME WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

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